Hair Fall

The Quandary of what to do for dry hair

Dry hair is a situation where your scalp and hair lose its naturally oils or when the scalp doesn’t produce enough oil to moisturize scalp and hair.

Dry hair can be caused by a lot of internal and external factors (like weather)

But how does the hair lose its natural oils? We were taught that every strand of your hair is surrounded by a protective layer called as the cuticle. The cuticle, being the security guard, guards against harmful external effects. Once the layer is stripped off, your hair becomes vulnerable to all sorts of damage.

Want to know who are the main culprits in damaging your scalp and hair?

You. In a simple way, It’s the things that you put in your hair that helps in growth or damage the hair.

Usage of a harsh haircare products, excessive washing, extreme heat-treatment / styling, weather, living in a polluted environment, and so on.

Most of us try to create a routine to take care, but the fact remains that we live in a timeless running world, and despite our best intentions, dryness becomes unavoidable.

How to choose Products?

Read the labels of your products like shampoos, rinse-off, leave-on, and conditioners carefully. Look for products that suit the specific needs of your hair and look for shampoos that are sulphates and paraben-free. Dry shampoos are great for in-between hair wash days, but they also have their limits. Overusing dry shampoo can cause buildup which will lead to further problems than just dry hair.

Remember, conditioners are your friend, and picking up leave-in conditioners for the colder months are also a great way to help fix dry hair.

So how can one fix this issue? Is it still an unsolved puzzle?

This is where our presence makes miracles. Our Moisturizing sulphate paraben-free products have been formulated specially to provide the extra care that your hair needs.

Praanaah’s Signature Torai and Black seed oil

It gives your hair the nourishment and moisturization that it needs and gets rid of your primary concern:

Dryness & The Hair fall.

Praanaah’s Donkey Milk Hair Cleanser

It is made from farm-fresh donkey milk with the moisturizing main element of pea protein. The combination of these two gives your hair the volume and moisture.

Praanaah’s Damage Repair Conditioner

It is a creamy conditioner made with nourishing tucuma, Brazilian butter with the richness of Parijat

This frizz fighting hair bundle

It goes a long way to condition your hair with clean, natural ingredients without weighing it down. Rebalances your hair from its everyday hassle.

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