About Us

We are committed, inspired and passionate to bring the best products for everyone to appreciate their inner beauty and live with pride & confidence.

PRAANAAH – Soul to your Body. At PRAANAAH, We believe Conscious Living. We combine the age old ayurvedic and natural techniques for the modern living. Our Products are made to speak to your soul [As the name Tells “PRAANAAH”].

Crafted with fresh, pure ingredients and backed by the science, we started on a journey to provide safe beauty with a blend of ayurvedic goodness from the roots of our soil. We believe in Healthy skin and We promise our products gives you one.

Natural | Earth Friendly | Sustainable |


Our superpowers?

Let us Explain


Our products are formulated in accordance with Ayurvedic & modern-day natural remedies for you. we at Praanaah are committed to bring the best products by procuring directly from source. In that aspect we are sourcing critical & feasible products from our own farms.


Skincare is an everyday chore. Starting from washing face to applying your night creams. We believe taking care of self is a hygiene that is must-have.


At praanaah we believe that everyone is beautiful, and we wish to be a part of your personal care journey. We are formulating products for everyday use to help you keep well, bright, and charming.