Torai & blackseed Hair oil

Torai & blackseed Hair oil

Hydrating Moisturiser

Hair Growth Duo 

Hair fall, breakage, Pattern baldness, and stagnant hair growth are a concern? Try this Natural and effective haircare kit curated to improve blood circulation, promote hair follicle strength, and boost hair regrowth. 


Anti-Pigmentation Duo

Pigmentation, melasma, and dullness are a concern. Try this organic and effective skincare kit curated to reduce hyperpigmentation, brighten dull skin, improve skin texture, and promote youthful skin.  

From Our Tribe

Prithvi Srinivasan

A genuine and natural product that works wonder for your health and wellbeing. High quality ingredients are used and this differentiates this product from the rest. I have used their charcoal soap , lip balm and hair oil after having tried several brands I have now decided to stick with praanaah products for life !!!

Subha shree

I have been using Praanaah hair oil for past 6 months. I can see great results after using this. I had hairfall issues after my delivery.. this product helped me to bring back my hair.
Thankyou praanaah team.
And I would recommend all my friends and family to use your Amazing products for great results

Kirubha Shankar

I've used the products of Praanah and they give best results within a few uses. I would recommend you to try their lip balm range and their Grandma's cleanser powder which can be used as a wonderful scrub.

Krithi Dev

I've been using Grandma cleanser for almost a year and my pigmentation has cleared and my skintone has improved greatly and TangC lipbalm makes lips soft and smells great. Praanaah product feels light on the skin and very convenient to use in summer as well.

Blogs & Articles

Most of our people want longer, shiner and smoother hair. But what’s the secret behind it?
How can we achieve it? There are a lot of questions that comes to our mind. There is a old
school way of achieving it. HAIR OILING. Remember what our grandma does back in those
days when we come from school. Yes, Oil our hair.
Oil’s well!

You’ve probably heard this before, Oiling is an effective way to thicken hair, boost blood
circulation and avail a beautiful shine. It also helps stimulate hair follicles and promotes hair


When it comes to hair oil , there are a lot of brands offering hair oils and hence its quite a task
in selecting one. But, will it serve the purpose? Your choice should depend on ingredients
they use, your hair and scalp’s requirements. That’s why we have curated and formulated our
Torai and Black seed hair oil that promotes hair growth, Reduces hair fall and promotes
healthy scalp avoiding the dandruff and scalp infections. Our hair oil is enriched with 82
herbs with 4 base oils (Coconut, Sesame, Castor oil and Pumpkin seed oil) and 2 essential oil
(Tea tree Oil & Rosemary Oil).

We have Observed 102% hair growth in 125 days and reduction in hair fall by 42% in 4-5

How to Oil:

1. Take a little amount of Torai and black seed hair oil and apply in scalp and massage it
nicely covering bald spots, dandruff and grey places.
2. Try massaging nicely for 4-5 minutes.
3. You can leave it overnight (If you are not allergic to cold / dandruff). Else, you can
keep it for 35-45 minutes and wash your hair with gentle hair cleanser.
4. Note: You can also heat using double boiler method and use. You can also follow this
up with hair pack / hair mask.

Just hair oil is not enough to make your hair grow. How you apply makes it different and
promotes growth. Research shows that massaging the scalp with gentle hair oil leads to
stronger hair follicles and reduces hair fall. Oiling also helps condition the hair shaft and
reduces frequent breakage.


Apart from Hair growth Oil, What are the Other Hair Care Products
to Use? 

Several other products will help care for your hair when used in a regime. Here are some
products you can use for your hair care. 

Our Intensive repair hair mask is basically made to treat normal to extremely dry hair. This
hair mask keeps your hair nourished and soft and mainly it helps in keeping your hair
manageable and frizz free. Just scoop the required amount from the bottle and transfer it into
a bowl and start applying to your hair and as well as to the scalp leave it for an hour and then
wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Healthy hair starts from the routine that we follow , products that we use & food that we eat,
and choosing the right shampoo goes a long way. Your shampoo must address your hair’s
needs and specific conditions, so understanding your hair type is vital. Be it moisture,
volume, oil control, frizz control, or whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy, shampoo is
just right for you. 

1. How can I increase hair growth and thickness?
Choosing the best oil for hair growth and thickness goes a long way. Still, several factors
are also involved, like reducing stress, eating healthy, trimming hair regularly, cutting
back on styling and heat treatments, Using chemical free products, etc.

2. Which oil is best for hair growth and thickness in India?
Our hair type and texture are formed thus due to a variety of underlying factors like
nutrition, sleeping patterns, stress and pollution levels, hair care regimens, etc. It is thus
advisable to opt for healthy food habits with good sleep and use safe and toxin-free
matches the hair’s texture.


Our Torai and Black seed hair oil helps in hair growth, thickens the hair and reduce the
scalp infections.

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